ELEV18 Hockey

Players need to be strong on their skates; I will help achieve this by developing power and focusing on blade work. A players stride is developed early so I will not work on changing the stride but help develop the stride by making the one you have more efficient.  Everyone skates differently, you can’t change your stride, but you can make it faster, quicker and more powerful.

Players need to be strong on their stick. This is achieved by improving balance when passing.   We will evaluate individual habits then deconstruct the shot, working on technique including release point and head positioning in order to maximize the shot. With a principle goal of “no wasted attempts, goal scoring isn’t luck”.

Then we will repeat it. Repetition is something hockey players are not getting enough of.

Everything I teach is controlled and detail oriented so it will seem different visually. My mission is to actually instruct and teach the athletes not just have them out for some ice time.  I encourage parents to watch and even listen from the bench to hear my message regarding skating, stick handling and shooting along with the thinking that should go into every ice session.

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